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Why Volunteer Opportunities With The Leap Are Very Best Around

Nov 1st, 2013

Why Gap Years With The Leap Are The Very Best Around

So. You’ve found out what a gap year is, weighed up the undeniable pros (and some of the cons). And now you’re ready to make the next step.

By now you’ll hopefully be seeing the wisdom of using the services of a recommended, reputable gap year organisation. The benefits are numerous but, if nothing else, it’s much, much safer.

All you have to decide now is: who do I go with?

Allow Us To Introduce The Leap

Our partners, The Leap, have been leading the field in overseas volunteer opportunities for 13 years – offering award-winning volunteer projects and internships across Africa, Asia and South America.

 The Leap’s programs are perfect for students looking for a broader, more challenging travel experience. If you want to get off the backpacker trail and into indigenous communities or extraordinary natural environments, where your efforts can make a tangible difference to local lives, then read on.

After all, there’s a reason we partnered with them a WTV and now recommend them as the #1 Gap Year Travel Company in the World.

What Sets Them Apart From The Competition?

So what makes them so different? First off, 
they believe that by offering a mix of projects (whether they’re community, conservation or ecotourism-based) in a mix of locations in a single 6-10 week program, you’ll get a much more better volunteer experience. Nobody wants to spend 10 weeks doing the exact same thing, even if it’s the most exciting project ever. You signed up for a gap year to expand your horizons and have a variety of experiences. And that’s exactly what they offer.

Projects are spread across each country, from beach to bush and mountain to jungle, meaning volunteers experience variety in culture, environment, challenge and reward. ‘Leapers’ travel and work as a team, partnered with a fun group of like-minded volunteers for the ultimate shared experience.

The Leap also offers six-week internships for students seeking career-focused and immersive work placements, with the opportunity to add a further month of volunteering in community and conservation projects. Internships are available in teaching, medicine, business, journalism, law and care. So if you are looking to expand your portfolio of work experience, you can do it and still have an awesome time.

Sales pitch over. Go and see what they have to offer right now by heading to Happy travels!