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Summer Jobs to Boost Your Career

By Alice Baines Hamblin
In Volunteering Advice
Mar 4th, 2014

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The competition for jobs is super tough. Though we’re apparently coming out of recession the experience of most first time applicants is that getting onto that important first rung is a challange. So how can you become a forerunner for your dream vocation? Extra long studs or very sharp elbows?

ell, tenacity and a killer attitude are definately helpful, but in our opinion it comes down to <h2>finding inventive ways to make your CV stands out from the crowd.</h2> Not only do you need to demonstrate good academic results but also polished life skills and a commitment to your chosen career, proving you are ready for the world of work.

So, cue your summer vacation. Every year whilst studying you have the gift of 6-12 weeks of FREE TIME to do with as you please. It provides the perfect length of time for you to polish and commit – or perhaps just spend time working out what it is you want to commit to! Here are our top 2 ideas for the great summer jobs, which will help you get ahead and see some of the world in the process:

Summer Job 1: Internship

Need to grow your knowledge of a business or gain skills relevant to a career in the media, medicine or education? Google internships and wait to be amazed. There are a whole world of fantastic opportunities out there, some close to home and others in some of the world’s most amazing destinations. Basically this will be a summer job (paid or otherwise!) where you’re gaining invaluable work experience while travelling the world.
For example you could build on your office skills by working in a safari company in the safari capital of the world, Arusha Tanzania…a perfect Summer job to boost your career in tourism, sales or any other aspect of running a business!

If you don’t have your own network of contacts or need some ideas there are organisations that will set you up with the ideal internship. Internship recruitment companies worth their salt will do the hard work for you, researching companies that will give you worthwhile and hands on work experience, sorting accommodation and managing your placement. From law, medicine, teaching, media to general business it’s all out there for you.

If you haven’t done something like this before, or travelled far from home then it is definitely better to use the services of a professional organisation than trying to sort it yourself as they will have a structure in place, making sure you’re time is valued, organised and will deliver the experience you need. (We all know there is nothing worse turning up somewhere to find you’re going to do nothing more than make coffee and work the photo copier).

One of our favourites for budding doctors is an opportunity to work in a high-pressured hospital in the capital of Quito in Ecuador . They can guarantee you’ll be given hands on experience shadowing doctors in all departments and opportunities to interact with patients and assist with simple medical tasks.

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Summer Job 2: Volunteering

Summer volunteering is a brilliant way to develop and demonstrate your soft skills (and we don’t mean soft ball) and boost you career. We’re taking about teamwork, leadership, resilience and communication – all of which will be put to the test and will provide colourful stories to demonstrate your ability. Google opportunities in your local area or go one better – volunteering overseas, combining a summer job with a summer break!

Initiative & Organization: 
For a start you researched, fundraised and travelled to a far-flung place way out of your comfort zone. How many people do you know have negotiated the price and delivery of 1000 bricks to refurbish a school in Ecuador?

Working in a team of mixed cultures in a new environment to achieve great things is not to be sniffed at. In Africa we know it requires dedicated teams to protect their endangered wildlife. To join one of those teams would be, well, simply amazing.

Resilience: No doubt about it, to venture off to unfamiliar territory to work on life changing projects takes courage and shows a core of steal as we all know it’s never plane sailing and will require many moments when you’ll be dreaming of the comforts back at home.

So, with those 2 ideas in your mind and summer just around the corner, time to sort out a far reaching, stimulating, challenging, dynamic summer job. Getting ahead in your career has never sounded so exciting – travelling, working and contributing… brilliant.
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